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Vocational Training

In addition to the formal education up to the 12th level, the students are also trained in traditional crafts like candle making and re-caning of chairs. To acquaint the children with the modern technology and to keep them abreast of the times, they are also given computer literacy training through Screen Reading Software. Girls students are also trained in stitching, knitting, cookery and embroidery etc.

Orientation & Mobility Training

Mobility plays an important and vital role in the growth and functioning of a visually impaired person. The blind students have mainly posture and gait problems. To overcome these problems, the students need physical exercise and mobility training. Mr. D. P. Pathak Warden of the Institute, a trained and experienced mobility-training instructor, has been imparting outdoor mobility training to students .

Computer Training

Computer Training is a very important part of our curriculum as this is also a subject of study. We have two computer labs equipped with latest computers to teach visually handicapped children. We have screen reading software like JAWS, NVDA and super Nova with the help of which we train our students.We start imparting computer education to students from Class-II onwards . This training is extended right up to Senior Secondary Level. Training is imparted by qualified and trained computer instructors.

Music Training

Music is very important integral part of the curricula in this Institute. This subject is essential from academic, vocational, cultural and extra-curricular aspect. Instruction in the subjects of Music Instrumental, Vocal, and Tabla are imparted by highly qualified, trained and experienced teachers. Music is one of the compulsory subjects in all the classes. Besides academics, this subject is very useful for our students as a vocation. Many of our students are employed in Govt. and Semi-Govt.