Institute for the Blind is though partially government aided, yet most of the expenses are met out of the donations received from generous donors. Aided staff of the Institute receives major part of their salaries from the govt. Balance of their salaries is paid by the society out of its own sources. To run the administration efficiently the Institute is required to engage additional staff which we term as the non-aided staff, which is entirely paid out of funds of the Society. Govt. Scholarships received from U.T. Chandigarh Administration @Rs. 250/- per child from Class I to V, Rs. 300/- per child from classes 6th to 8th, Rs. 500/- per child from class IX to class XII are credited to their personal Saving Bank Accounts opened by the Institute in two public sector banks. In addition any amount earned by them in the vocational training crafts is also credited to their accounts. This accumulated amount helps them in settling in life after they pass out from the Institute. All the students are provided free transport, meals, uniforms, other dresses, toiletries etc. Students are not required to spend on anything. To meet all this expenditure as also to effect improvements in the Institute an appeal is made for generous donations by the donors.



The cost of supporting one student in this Institute for one year which include all his/her expenses (Boarding/Lodging/Tuition) is Rs. 1.5 Lacs. Any Individual/Corporate who wish to financially support visually challenged student is welcome to do so. Suitable feedback would be given to them about the student’s performance etc.; being sponsored by them.

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