Braille Production Unit

Braille Production Unit


Braille Press is a very special unit of the ‘Society for the Care of the Blind’, Chandigarh. Being reading and writing are two most vital aspects of education for the blind as well as other students – The Society made a humble beginning in early 90s by introducing a small scale Braille Production Unit. At that time the books were prepared manually on Braillers by our fully trained experts.

With each passing day, the press showed greater levels of efficiency and production and is producing Braille literature in variety of languages viz. Hindi, Punjabi, English and Haryanvi etc. Besides text books, story books and other general books are also produced here. The Chandigarh Transport Untertaking (CTU) introduced guide-map and route of their buses for the visually impaired persons in Braille Script which was embossed in our Braille Press. Chandigarh Art Gallery & Museum was also helped by us by embossing the name and description of each sculpture, murals, arts, paintings etc in Braille Script. As and when required, the services of our experts are also made available to the needy organizations for the cause of blindness. For example our experts helped State Library of Chandigarh Administration to introduce Braille Embosser and Braille Literature for the welfare of the blind students, Aasha Kiran an NGO run by Chandigarh Social Welfare Department and NAB jointly was also helped by our experts in preparation of Braille literature for the blind students. Our Society’s Braille Press also helped NIVH Dehradun in preparation of Right to Information Act in Punjabi Braille Script.

Religious and books for social cause like Nitnem and Dukh Bhanjni Sahib (in Gurmukhi), Aartis/Bhajans (Devnagri) and Right to Information Act (Punjabi & English) etc. were also taken up. This Braille Press prints text books of all subjects-including Science and Social Studies up to class XII.

For over 10 years during General Elections the State of Punjab, Haryana and U.T. Chandigarh are assigning the job of printing Ballot Papers in Braille for the visually handicapped voters in their states to our Braille Press.

About ten years back, the Braille Production Unit was initiated by installing a High Speed Index 4 Waves Braille Embosser and has been expanded to two big rooms. Today the Press has Three Index Braille Embossers and it has emerged as one of the unique Braille Press in the northern region under the able guidance and dedication of Shri Vishaw Jit who is running this Press since 1997. Shri Pankaj Sharma also joined the organisation in 2007 and helps him to accomplish this task since then. The books embossed at the Braille Press are made available to the visually challenged students free of any charge, which is noteworthy. For its significant contribution in the field of production and distribution of reading materials of diverse subjects in Braille, our press is appreciated by each and everyone who visits the organization.

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